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Harmonic Action was born in 2020 in the garden office.

Bringing 20+ years of experience delivering innovative and pragmatic technology solutions, we can solve problems, build teams, design architectures and process, coach, advise and mentor, to transform the value of digital, data and technology to your organisation.


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We are a technology services consultancy built on principles of trust, transparency, integrity and sustainability. Focusing on organisations that make a difference, I strive to build and transform technical capabilities, to make digital, data and technology truly work.

People make solutions work, not systems, and no digital, data or technology challenge can be solved in isolation. I take a consultative and broad generalist approach to find the best solution.

How can we help?

Smaller organisations may need help setting up solid foundations, e.g., Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, maintainable websites and service delivery applications, key cloud services and integrations, and security and support partnerships. They need to manage data and may require fundraising, programme management, or volunteer and supporter management database tools, as well as effective ways to demonstrate their impact to funders.

Larger organisations may need help seeing the wood for the trees, or fully realising the benefits of long-term investments. Digital, data and technology systems tend to grow organically and can benefit from a review of the big picture landscape to enable strategic decisions to be made more effectively.

We understand that third sector organisations don’t always have the funds or the expertise to compete in areas of specialist product engineering. Therefore choosing and integrating the right tools, platforms and partners offers huge sustainable returns. With a broad and holistic view, we can help guide those decisions.

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Harmonic Action is about a people-first approach to technology, prioritising communication and alignment over technical complexity. Helping you deliver your vision without breaking your team.

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20+ years experience solving technology challenges across the third-sector and beyond, in leadership and consulting roles. We understand the challenges of the sector, in a wider commercial context.

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Ivan holds an MSc in Technology Management, certifications in Agile, Prince2, Coaching, Solution & Enterprise Architecture, is a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate, and a Chartered IT Professional (BCS).

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